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November 11, 2011
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CH: Lon Bexley by yueru CH: Lon Bexley by yueru

Revamped for Diamonds Reign

Name: London Bexley

Gender: Female used item 1x :iconchvpeachplz:

Age: Seemingly 20

Height: 5'4 5'11 MALE GROWTH SPURT
Role: Prince Aliv's personal guard (knight)

Weapon: Katana


- Expert swordsmanship.
- Ability to eat 5 dumplings in one bite /ming

+ Close combat
+ Resolved
+ Perseverance

- Ranged combat
- Situations which require tact
- Paranoia

+ The idea of honor
+ the color red
+ Dumplings
+ sword fighting
+ the smell of mangoes (makes her get a dreamy look on her face)
+ high places
+ Confidence

- being waited on (family has no servants)
- anyone who tries to harm a heart faction member
- high heels
- cats (she doesn't really have anything against them but they seem to dislike her extremely)
- scary stories/ "ghosts"
- extreme dislike for fish
- trespassers

London may come off as more than a little dense at times. However, this is due to the fact that she is not the prying sort. London makes her assumptions and then sticks by them - first impressions are after all, everything. London also spends most of her time tripping over things and/or people or crashing head over heels into bushes or trees. This is odd because she can be very graceful in sparring and swordplay. The reason for her apparent clumsiness might be due to the fact that she is extremely unobservant to things she does not consider a threat. A huge fluffy bunny could pass right under her nose and go unnoticed until it gets tangled in her legs and causes her to face plant on top of a rose bush.

Family values and honor are very important to London. She holds her position and the royals of the Hearts in the highest regard and does not take lightly to those who speak ill of or would seek to hurt a Heart member (and everyone is considered a threat until proven otherwise). London places the safety and well being of hearts royals above everything and she will not hesitate to leave even a child in favor of protecting a heart member.

She is impulsive in nature and often reacts before she has a chance to think. However, through years of training with her father, brother, and as a knight in the royal guard, have sharpened her skills and she has learned to trust her instincts without question. Although, due to all the time she spent in the company of knights, her behavior can sometimes be considered unladylike.

London was born into the Bexley family, a family who had a long proud line of knights. Her father, brother, uncles, and grandfather, had all served in the royal guard. The whereabouts of her mother unknown, London spent most of her childhood days watching and training with her father and brother. It was all she ever wanted; to be a knight. The day she was knighted was a momentous occasion, her father's eyes brimmed with pride and her brother bragged about her to everyone who crossed his path. Even being assigned as a night guard to the "black sheep" prince's residence couldn't dampen her spirit. The rumors didn't bother her, why should they? Her job was to protect the royals, never to ask questions or make judgements.

She happily accepted her assignment without complaint - sent to spend many long nights standing guard at the corridor that connected Sir Aliv's residence to the main castle. It was on one such night that strange noises from inside the estate lead her to leave her post and investigate. She found an assassin in Aliv's room about to deliver a death blow but somehow she managed to fend him off. They exchanged a few blows which ended with her blade cutting the assassins eye, leaving him scarred before he took off into the night. The news of what had transpired spread quickly throughout the castle and before she knew it she had been promoted in rank. She was now to serve as Aliv's personal guard, sworn to place his life before her own.

After the untimely demise of her father, her brother took his place as the general of the Heart's army, the youngest general in the history of wonderland. When her brother took his position, he requested London be transferred to serve under him. However, she refused. Sometime during her service, Aliv had become more then just another royal to her. In London's eyes, Aliv was the rightful king - and she would not trust his safety to anyone else.

Additional Info:
- London has her families crest tattooed on her back.
- Brother is Paris Bexley, General of the "Red Army".

Previous Reigns
CH: Improvement meme (sortof) by yueru
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